Hi my loves, I'm Jasmine! I'm 19 yrs old from Houston TX. I'm here to share my advice for all things makeup & beauty related :)
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Anonymous asked I just got a sephora gift card and I was wondering what nars products would be good for pale skin? Like blushes and lipsticks



Audacious Lipsticks(new)

lux-chels asked Thanks so much for that last post. :)))


Anonymous asked I recently saw a picture of this Mac blush and lipstick. Both dark purple. Do you have any idea what's the name of them?

Could be…


breath of plum is the only dark purple I can think of offered by MAC that isnt Limited Edition. 

Anonymous asked Lately my foundation has been looking really cakey, mainly around my forehead. I've been moisturizing really well and using the same primers I use but nothing is helping:( even the color has just been off. I've also tried using a damp sponge from RT but that doesn't help either:/ any advice?

I would just make sure you are exfoliating your skin frequently, exfoliating removes all of your dead skin & leaves your skin smoother for your foundation to be applied on. My favorite is from first aid beauty.


Try using a setting spray, I only use Evian water & I swear by it. It doesn’t break up your foundation or anything like that, but using a setting spray can really help take away that powdery look. Looking overly powdered can really make your foundation look cakey.

Don’t use your foundation to cover up everything on the face, go in with an even layer of foundation & concealer else where. Many people use foundation to cover up everything which can really end up having you look cakey.

Also it could be the foundation that you are using, try switching up your foundations & see if you notice any kind of difference.

lovelovingfashion asked Whats your favorite drugstore eyelash curler??

I use the one from ELF I think it’s like a dollar and it works just fine for me.

I know many people say the Revlon eye lash curler is really good too.